Vytváření uživatelských simulačních workflows

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Vytváření uživatelských simulačních workflows v prostředí Workbench

CAE simulation is process consisting of sequentially ordered particular steps typically starting up with the preparation of input data, followed by the computational model set up ending up with the results postprocessing and output data analysis.

DESIGNTEC helps you to implement and automate your custom simulation scenarios. Using ACT such processes can be integrated in ANSYS Workbench or ANSYS AIM environments. ACT defines each simulation step as a task. These tasks form task groups according to their system function within the simulation process. Task groups represent different steps of the simulation procedure as well as diverse actions to be performed define the full simulation scenario on the background platform of ANSYS Workbench or ANSYS AIM.

In-house or third-party tools, routines and applications can be integrated into the ANSYS products in the frame of ANSYS Workbench or ANSYS AIM environments. This integral solution for managing heterogeneous systems has a potential to substantially speed up engineering process.


  • script-based automation of workflows for CAE simulations
  • automated data handling and exchange
  • connection of external software for design exploration and optimization