Automatizace CAE procesů

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Press down simulation process effort through the routine automation

Together with the escalation of the simulation capabilities and competencies the simulation workflows complexity rises rapidly. Complexity is limiting the simulation usability considering the fact of expertise, skill and know-how demands which leads to lowering the overall efficiency of engineering process. DESIGNTEC offers you the development of scripts or extensions based on ACT (ANSYS Simulation Customization Toolkit) which automate your repetitive tasks, reduce the simulation complexity and satisfy process usability and intelligibility requirements.

Workflow complexity can be eliminated by the simulation process steps decomposition and creation of new simulation structure based on the crucial information required for each of the action all guided by ACT (creation of customized simulation workflows). ACT enables to press down the simulation process effort within a single ANSYS application such as ANSYS Mechanical by utilizations customized tools for better handling of complex models. Likewise ACT can be used to optimize the multiple ANSYS and third-party application scenario formed into one workflow (integrate third-party applications and data).

Automation can be based either on scripts or new user interface elements (ACT objects) like toolbars, custom objects in tree outline or wizards which can be integrated in SpaceClaim, Mechanical, Workbench or AIM environments to execute custom actions.


  • Automation of company specific processes (workflows, load and boundary definitions, analysis settings, ...)
  • Transfer of the loads or boundary conditions from third-party tolls
  • Definition of non-homogeneous material distribution on analysed parts
  • Automated generation of results (figures, charts, tables) and report generation